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There is a lot of commitment that goes into being a good manager.  

Now we are going to reward those managers with a little incentive to help the league run better.  Follow the steps outlined below and your child's registration fee could end up costing you nothing for that season.  All actions must be completed prior to the appropriate deadlines.

NOTE: You must pay your child's registration first.  This is a REBATE, meaning the *registration fees would come back to you after the season, and after rebate form is filled out and returned by you.  *maximum rebate is $200

MPB Manager Rebate Program (does not apply to Alliance/SIBA-Division)

  • Register AND PAY for child no later than first Assessments/Tryouts date
  • Complete Volunteer Form, including copy of driver's license for MPB background check, no later than first Assessments/Tryouts date
  • Complete all Volunteer Requirement courses and Live Scan, no later than Feb-1 in spring season, Sept-1 in fall season. 
  • Get all assistant coaches and team parents to complete Volunteer Requirements for those positions (including copy of DL) no later than first game of that season.  NOTE: NO coaches/volunteers can be on field or working with players until they have completed all requirements and been cleared by the Player Safety Director
  • Attend mandatory Managers Meeting
  • Attend Assessments/Tryouts & Player Draft for your division*
  • Send the teams Official Team Parent to the mandatory Team Parent Meeting.
  • Send the teams Official Scorekeeper to the mandatory Scorekeeping Clinic.
  • Attend Opening & Closing Day Ceremonies*
  • Remain in good standing and as the manager (no ejections, arguments with official, parents, etc)
  • Return equipment bag on equipment-return-day in clean condition and with all equipment that was provided to you at the start of the season.  
  • Properly take care of league equipment, including mounds, pitching machines, etc.
  • Maximum possible rebate allowed is $200*
  • Rebate is calculated as registration fee (not including payment processing fees or any add-on's like fundraiser opt-out) or $200, whichever is less, and then any penalty deductions will be taken from that amount.  

Other conditions related to coaching/managing your team may apply. This includes requirements the Board of Directors adds or may already have.  

*officially assigned coach can be sent to represent you at Assessments, Drafts and Ceremonies.

Upon completion of above items, manager should complete the rebate form on the website.  After league-approval, full or partial fee for child of manager will be returned to that manager.

Limit one per manager, and child must be on same team as manager.

Some items listed are seasonal and only necessary for the season the manager has a team.

 at league discretion, late submissions may be accepted, but a penalty of $20/month will be deducted.  

Rules, requirements and any details are subject to change at any time.  

**Any or all of rebate may be deducted due to failing to meet conditions of this program.  Any deductions to the rebate will come from the base registration fee or $200, whichever is lower