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What Makes Menifee PONY BASEBALL Different
​​​​​​​DIVISIONS (by 'league age'):
    SPRING Season: League age is players age exactly on April 30 of the current year
    FALL Season: League is players age exactly on April 30 of the following year

  • Champions League (4-Adult Ages) helps to provide every child, regardless of special needs, the opportunity to participate in baseball.  VIP players include those who are autistic, visually impaired, mentally or emotionally challenged, have Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, or other conditions that impair mobility. All players are welcome. 
  • Filly-Baseball (T-Ball - 4-5) players will learn the basics of baseball. Each player will hit off of a tee and graduate to coach-pitch when they are ready for it. All players play and the entire roster bats each inning. A specially designed level-1 safety ball is used, scores & standings are not kept, and every child receives a trophy at end of season. 
  • Shetland-Baseball (5-6) players play "real" games with scores and playoffs. Batters hit machine pitching (approx. 22mph). A specially designed level-5 safety ball is used in Shetland. Scores, playoffs and All-Stars begin at the Shetland level. 
  • Pinto Machine-Pitch Baseball (7) players continue "real" baseball at a faster pace. Batters hit off of a Juggs Pitching Machine (approx. 38mph). Scores, standings and playoffs are included. 
  • Pinto Kid-Pitch Baseball (8) division introduces kid-pitching (from 38') and base stealing. There are no walks, instead at ball 4 the coach takes over pitching. 
  • Mustang-Baseball (9-10) players begin leading-off and learning pick-offs, balks, dropped 3rd-strike and bunting. Pitchers throw from 46'. 
  • Bronco-Baseball (11-12) plays with full MLB rules and uses a larger field, with bases at 70' and mound at 50'. 
  • Pony-Baseball (13-15) division continues the gradual field dimension increases to prepare players for high school ball by using 80' bases and a 54' pitching mound. 
  • Colt/Palomino-Baseball (16-19) is complete high school level baseball with MPB teams playing in a highly competitive league with Temecula & Murrieta teams at MLB dimensions (90' bases and 60.5" mound). 
  • Alliance Division-Baseball (SIBA) offered for the more intense baseball experience. Bring your pre-formed team into MPB and play other similar teams from Murrieta and Temecula. 
  • All-Star teams are formed from age 5 & up to give the kids the chance to experience all-star play. NOTE, there are minimum division size and other requirements to All-Star eligibility. 
  • Field dimensions increase gradually at each level to match players growth and development.  

More differences (what's included)...your registration fees and other money Menifee Pony brings in all goes back to the kids.  

  • Team Jersey & Hat
  • Fair & generous minimum play-time rules
  • Trained, experienced umpires (all pitching divisions in regular season, and all divisions in playoffs)
  • *Closing Day Carnival (all players get free all-day wristband) *spring season only
  • Picture Package
  • End-of-season tournament (Shetland & Up)
  • End-of-season awards for all players through Bronco division, and players on all champion and runner-up teams. 

Mission Statement
The mission of Menifee PONY is to teach the fundamentals of the games of baseball, life skills through competition, teamwork and sportsmanship, and to provide these teachings in an environment that is safe and fun for the children.  We will treat every player, parent, spectator, umpire and coach fairly and equally.  Everyone involved in Menifee PONY is expected to adhere to a Code of Conduct that promotes the well-being and safe and healthy atmosphere for all.  Our local rules are focused on making this a positive experience for ALL of our children whether they aspire to play in the major leagues or simply want a place to play and enjoy youth sports with their friends and family.  We work hard to select coaches that not only know baseball, but are truly focused on the development and enjoyment of EACH player on their roster.  Our generous “minimum play” rules help Menifee PONY lead the way in giving all of the children of our community a chance to shine. 

We are here for the children, the families and the community