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draft process


 - Managers ONLY (or let us know if you're having someone draft in your place)
 - Be prepared, draft needs to go quickly.  We'll use timer if necessary. 
 - Draft sheets sent to managers in advance.  

 - Pony, TBA
 - Mustang, TBA
 - Pinto-KP, TBA
 - Bronco, TBA



When it's your turn to draft....
Call out PLAYER NAME & the LEAGUE EVAL SCORE (NOT the assessments number).  

The Draft Sheets will show our league evaluators rankings of every kid in the division.  Locks and siblings will be notated.  

The Draft Sheet shows what round every lock goes in, meaning the manager doesn't get another pick that round.  

If you draft a player with a sibling in same division, you automatically get the sibling in the round he's listed on the Draft Sheet.  

Hat-pick determines 1st-round draft order,  but managers with 1st-round locks are not included. 

A running total of league eval scores for each team determine draft order in subsequent rounds (lowest score drafts 1st, etc).    

ALL trades need to be approved by the DD or PA or person running that draft. Don't be manipulated by other managers.  

Once we leave the site, draft is over, trade is over.  Player Agent may override this in extenuating circumstances