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Middle School Baseball

MENIFEE PONY BASEBALL  --   Middle-School Baseball is BACK! 

COACHES - If you are interested in coaching a Middle School team, please complete the Volunteer Form on your Account page.

Up to two teams will be formed from each school, a Bronco (11-12) and a Pony (13-14) teams.  Ages are based on players age as-of NEXT August 31.  Teams will be selected by Menifee Pony representatives based on Player Tryouts (NOTE: players MUST have completed registration and payment before participating in Tryouts).  In cases of very high turnout to Tryouts, Menifee Pony may decide to create additional teams and will divide players by the method it determines to be in the best interest of players and both teams.  Teams will be provided jerseys and hats with their school colors and logos.  10 year-old 6th-graders may register and tryout for the Bronco team.  11 year-old 5th-graders may also register and tryout for a Middle-School team, but can only be placed on that team if there were insufficient number of middle-school participants.  These will be "middle-school" teams first.  Teams will play against other school teams from Menifee and surrounding areas, as well as Temecula.   

Registration is ONLINE-ONLY and opens when our regular fall season registrations open.  Register early for our lowest rates.  

REGISTRATION - see Registration Pricing Page for fees

There is a $10 early-registration discount for registrations before the listed early-registration date.  This fee will be applied at check-out.  

*LATE-REGISTRATION FEE - There is a $20 late-registration fee for registrations on or after our first tryout date.  This fee will be applied at check-out.  

PAYMENT - Payment must be made before registration is complete.  Please have credit card ready before beginning.  If paying by check, it must be received by Menifee Pony within two weeks of completion of online registration AND before our first scheduled tryout date.  

REFUND/TRANSFER - The Middle-School Registration process will include a question to transfer registration over to our "rec" division or be given an immediate refund in the case of any child not being selected for their middle-school team.  Once teams are formed, any players not placed on those teams will be transferred or refunded automatically based on the selection made during registration.  For any other cases, including a player being selected to a team and changing his mind, the regular Menifee Pony Refund Policy will apply.  

Fall Registration INCLUDES:
 - Shirt & Hat
 - End-of-season awards


Middle-School Tryouts -- TBA (see below)
Opening Day: N/A in Fall (games to begin approximately Sept 11)
Closing Day: N/A in Fall (final games approximately Nov 14)

BRONCO DIVISION TBA (check-in 1/2 hour early)
PONY DIVISION TBA (check-in 1/2 hour early)

 2011 Bronco Division - Bell Mountain
 2011 Pony Division - Hans Christiansen
 2012 Bronco Division - Canyon Lake
 2012 Pony Division - Canyon Lake
 2013 Bronco Division - Bell Mountain
 2013 Pony Division - Canyon Lake
 2014 Bronco Division - Bell Mountain
 2014 Pony Division - Canyon Lake
 2015 Bronco Division - Bell Mountain
 2015 Pony Division - Menifee Valley
 2016 Bronco Division - Menifee Valley
 2016 Pony Division - Bell Mountain
 2017 Bronco Division - Bell Mountain
 2017 Pony Division - Bell Mountain
 2021 Bronco Division - MPB Independent 
 2021 Pony Division - Menifee Valley



  • Can my 5th-grade child play in the Middle School League?  - Yes, 5th-graders can play if they are Bronco-age.  They cannot bump out any 6th-grader from the roster though, so they can play if there is room available on that school team or they can play for our "independent" team.  
  • Can my Private/Charter/Home-schooled child play in the Middle School League? - Yes, they will play on our "independent" team or possibly on a existing school team that has an available spot.  
  • What is the level of play in this league?  - The level of each team depends on the kids who make the team.  There will be teams in this league that range from good "rec" teams to good travel-level teams.  Regardless of the team, the experience each kid gets from being on a team with kids from their own school is immeasurable. 
  • Do all kids who signup make the team? - No, teams are formed based on tryouts.  If we get a big enough turnout, it is possible we form a second team of the same division for that school.  Kids not making the team may be offered a spot on an independent team, or can play in our regular "rec" league or be refunded.  The suggestion is that any experienced player who is interested should tryout, they won't know until they do.  
  • Is payment required prior to tryouts? - Yes, payment is required since teams are usually formed within a day of final tryouts and we must have confirmation of all kids in advance.  Any kid not making the team will be given a full refund upon request, or at their choice can transfer registration to our rec league. 
  • Are uniforms provided? - Hats and Shirts, in the school colors and with the school logos, are provided.  You will have to purchase pants and other accessories. 
  • What is the start/end date of the season?  - Teams will be formed in the last week of August.  Games will begin about two weeks later and an approximate 2-week playoff tournament will begin about November 10.  
  • How often will they practice/play? - Practices are mostly up to each manager, but you can typically expect the team to meet about 3 times per week (practices/games combined).  There will be about 14-16 games in the season, followed by playoffs.  
  • Are teams run by the schools? - NO, teams are formed and the league is run entirely by VOLUNTEERS of Menifee PONY, this includes the manager and coaches of each team.  School involvement is entirely up to each school.  In past seasons some school principals made team info a part of their morning announcements, had team announcements and awards during their school assembly, and even show up to games!  
  • What is an 'Independent' team? - MPB will form independent teams using home/private/charter school kids, plus any kids from schools we didn't get enough to form teams for. The Middle School division is a higher level game then our regular 'rec' divisions.  

If you are having trouble please post a question on our facebook page or send an email to 
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