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Menifee Pony Baseball


What are the divisions in PONY Baseball?
PONY divisions are generally graduated by two year age groups, starting with Filly baseball at the 4-6 year old age group all the way through to Colt/Palomino baseball at the 15-19 year old age group.  See the Menifee Pony Divisions page for more details.

Do Menifee Pony teams travel to other cities to play?  
Occasionally we will schedule a minimal amount of games with our immediate-neighbor Pony leagues to help them build up their divisions, but this typically doesn't amount to more than 1-2 games played out of town, and very rarely with the younger kids.  Only our oldest divisions (14u baseball) would travel more if we don't have quite enough teams to fill out a complete schedule at that level.  

Which Division will my child play in?
Baseball: In the Spring season, age divisions are determined by the players age as of August 31 of that year. For example, a child who turns 9 on or before August 31 of the year of that spring season would play in the Mustang Division.  Visit out Divisions page for more info on each division.    
Menifee Pony recommends players "play up" in the fall season, meaning if a player is scheduled to move up by age in division the following spring, we use the fall season to get them acclimated to the new division (ie: different rules, larger base paths and fields). Example, a player is 8 during the fall season, but will turn 9 prior to next year, that player will play in the Mustang Division since that will be the division they play in during the following Spring.  A player may still "play down" in the fall if they are still the age of that division until the end of the current year.  Parents are always encouraged to keep the player at the intended division but Menifee Pony recognizes that certain circumstances may still lead a parent to believe one more season in the lower division would be in the best interest of the player.  

When are games and practices?
Most games for most levels are played on Saturdays, but many are also played on Mondays and Wednesdays.   At the Filly level usually all games are played on Saturdays.  As the levels increase there are more games during the season so more must be played on weekdays.  Mondays and Wednesdays are the days our coaches most commonly have their practices, as those are the days Menifee Pony has the most fields available to them.  The Filly division will typically be just two 1-hour practices (or a game and a practice) per week.  As the ages increase, the frequency and duration of practices gradually increase.  Since Menifee Pony, like most youth leagues, relies on volunteer coaches, we need to allow these coaches to set their own practice schedule.   Remember that these are just guidelines to practice schedules, ultimately the time, location and frequency (within reason) are at the managers discretion.  

Where are games and practices?
Visit our Fields page to see where all of our games and most of our practices will take place.  Most games take place at Wheatfield Park, except our Pony and Colt divisions, and our Fall Middle-School games, which are usually played at Marion Ashley Park or Audie Murphy Park.  Practices generally take place at these locations as well, but some coaches will use a field not listed, or even a smaller park with a large grassy area, especially for the younger players.  Since Menifee Pony, like most youth leagues, relies on volunteer coaches, we need to allow these coaches to set their own practice schedule.   Remember that these are just guidelines to practice schedules, ultimately the time, location and frequency (within reason) are at the managers discretion.  

What is the Alliance Division?
The Spring 2014 season brought with it the debut of the Southwest Interleague Baseball Alliance (SIBA), a joint effort of four neighboring PONY leagues (Temecula, Murrieta, French Valley, Lake Elsinore and Menifee) to form an official PONY league for travel baseball teams within our communities.  Since 2014 teams from Hemet, Perris and Moreno Valley have also joined SIBA.  These teams are formed by invitation and/or tryouts and are not part of the regular recreational leagues, though the Menifee PONY Alliance teams will share our fields and facilities and still be considered a part of Menifee PONY.  By including the Alliance teams within the Menifee Pony organization we retain talented players who have often grown and developed within Menifee Pony, still may have siblings and friends in Menifee Pony, and would like to be a part of our baseball community while still getting some of the "travel ball" experience.  These teams are independently formed and operated and they join our SIBA league as a team, not on an individual basis.  Please contact the Alliance Division Director if you would like to get more information or get in contact with team managers for questions or details about tryouts.

What equipment does my child need?
Players need a glove and cleats, and boys should have an athletic cup (for Shetland and above).  Cleats should be rubber soled until the Bronco division, at which time metal cleats are permitted.   Each Manger will have a bag with batting helmets, a complete set of catcher's gear, and a catcher's glove.  Typically each Manager will also have at least one bat that can be used, but we recommend each player have their own bat and batting helmet since comfort and familiarity are important factors with this equipment.  When considering buying a bat, make sure to review the Pony Bat Rules first.  For some helmet buying assistance, check out this Batting Helmet Buying Guide.  For baseball gloves, here is some general buying info. Gloves are a bit tougher to choose from though, it's recommended to ask around, see what sizes other kids are wearing, try out the glove in person before buying. 

What is provided with the uniform?
The spring uniform includes jersey, cap, belt (if necessary) and socks.  The fall uniform includes jersey and cap.  Many parents may want to purchase a second pair of pants and socks in case games are within a few days of each other.  

Can I request a certain coach for my child?
In the Filly Division, parents can request a coach during the registration process.  This request is usually granted but it's not guaranteed.  Shetland and above divisions employ a draft to choose players to ensure talent is distributed between teams as evenly as possible.  Although direct requests for coaches are not possible, a manager may pre-select their coaches children.  Only a manager and coach combo can be pre-selected in advance of the draft.

What is the difference between the Fall and Spring season?
Fall is a developmental season, with the focus on teaching fundamentals in a lower stress environment.  It is typically the season in which players move from one division to the next so it is used to acclimate players to new facets of the game.  In Fall, players are placed in age divisions according to the next calendar year's age.  Spring is a more competitive season, with scores and standings recorded.  Spring is also the season leading up to the All Star team selections and tournament.  Our Fall Colt and Middle-School divisions are the exception to this, as their games are played at a very high level of competitiveness.  

What type of league fundraiser does Menifee Pony do, and do I have to participate?  
The league's Board of Directors decides on the type of fundraiser each year so it's not necessarily going to be the same as past years.  In the recent spring season's Menifee Pony did a league raffle.  A minimum of 30 raffle tickets, at $2/each, were to be sold by each participant.  The raffle was conducted at our Closing Day Carnival.  Past prizes included 50-55" TV's, an XBox One Bundle, an IPad, an XBox 360 w/kinect, a Nook Tablet, a $200 gas card, restaurant certificates, an autographed Lakers basketball, and much more.  Nobody is forced to participate in the league fundraiser, but the purpose of the fundraiser is to help keep registration costs down, so if you choose not to participate your registration fees will be higher.  If you do choose to participate, your completion of that seasons fundraiser becomes mandatory, with all of the money collected to be returned to the league.  Failure to comply with this obligation could result in the player being considered ineligible for all-stars, Closing Day benefits (wrist-band, trophy, etc), and also denied the option to participate in the fundraiser for future seasons.  Remember, fundraiser proceeds and all other money generated by the league goes to lower the costs of player registration and "give back" to the kids in the form of free wrist-bands, etc.  

What does the Menifee Pony Board consist of?
View our  "Menifee Pony Board of Directors" page to see our list of members, positions and contact information.  Our Board of Directors is made up entirely from volunteers.

Do Menifee Pony Board Members get paid for their position?  
Nobody within Menifee Pony gets paid.  Menifee Pony operates entirely on volunteers, from the Board Members on down to the coaches and Team Parents.  

Can I bring payment in to the Menifee Pony office?
Can I come in to the Menifee Pony office to discuss an issue?
Can I pick up raffle tickets or other forms at the Menifee Pony office?
The Menifee Pony Board of Directors is based entirely on volunteers who perform their "jobs" out of their own homes.  There are no offices of Menifee Pony.  To have an office would add unnecessary additional expenses that would have to be passed down to each of you in the form of higher registration costs.  

I'm having too much trouble registering on your website, or it's simply too inconvenient and time-consuming for me, can I just register in-person?  
Menifee Pony has no offices to come down and register at.  Menifee Pony does all of it's registrations online.  Menifee Pony offers a form of in-person registration at Player Assessments, but you will still be doing it yourself, online, using our laptops.  If you are having too much trouble doing it yourself, this is an opportunity for you to have us help you through the process.  Be aware though, that it can be busy and wait-time might make it much more time-consuming to do in-person than at the comfort and convenience of your own home.  For those who are registering late, there is no in-person assistance, but you can email us at [email protected] with any issues and we will help you through it.