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Volunteer ID Badges are now MANDATORY for all volunteers of Menifee Pony to be on the field or in the dugout.  

Please confirm your name is on this list because if it's not that means that you have not yet completed our Volunteer Requirements form for you for the current year.  

This list, and the associated badges, are good for as long as you are part of Menifee Pony., and as long as you're not out of the league for more than 2 consecutive years.  MPB reserves the right to require renewal of  Concussion Course and Court Reporter Certifications, as well as the MPB DL Background Check, but as of this time there is no such planned requirement.  

IMPORTANT:  If you think you have completed all requirements for your position but are not on this list, here are some possible reasons:
 - We just haven't gotten to yours yet (if you've added info since the latest updated list)
 - Your teams manager hasn't contacted us yet to inform us that you've been added to his team volunteer staff.  Ask the manager please, not us
 - You haven't completed or been approved by DOJ on your Live Scan, if your volunteer position requires it (see 'Volunteer Requirements' page for more info).  Note: sometimes results take days, sometimes weeks. Nothing we can do about this.  Please do not ask us, we will do not have time to respond to everyone, and require the teams manager to contact us.  Once results are in, we will post that you're approved (if all other requirements have been met), or we will contact you to let you know that you did not pass.  
 - You haven't uploaded YOUR DL (some people upload something else, or someone else's DL, that doesn't work. You can double-check for yourself on your Volunteer Form on your Account Page).  
 - You haven't uploaded the necessary Certification of Completion, if your volunteer position requires it (see 'Volunteer Requirements' page for more info). You can double-check for yourself on your Volunteer Form on your Account Page.  

COACHES - up-to-three coaches, no more, can be in the dugout and/or on the field during any game, per league rules.  In machine-pitch divisions, a fourth coach can be used.  In Filly, as many as the manager can use, as long as they meet all MPB Volunteer requirements.   

TEAM PARENTS can sit in the dugout (only one or two at a time) all games in Filly and Shetland. For older divisions, they can assist as needed, but they cannot stay in the dugout unless they are a coach with a coach badge. To do so without the Live Scan Coach badge would put them over the LEGAL requirement, so we do not allow it.  TEAM PARENTS cannot help coach. To help coach, they must get Live Scanned (and the certs) to get that badge.

MANAGERS, if you're Asst Coaches are not on this list, they need to stay out of your practices until they are.  
Team Parents/Moms, badges are only given out thru Pinto-KP Division.  Mustang & higher levels do not permit non players/coaches to remain in the dugout. 

If you're not on here and wondering why, please read the 'IMPORTANT' paragraph above. 

Updated 4/29/23, 8:00am (** volunteer added after printing so will be written in)
NOTE: Have your manager notify us if you've completed requirements late and need to be added, otherwise we do not know.  
Curtis Achtemeier, Coach
Mike Adams, Board Member
Lola Aguiluz, Team Parent
Dominica Albitre, Team Parent
Kevin Alcocer, Coach
Adam Alvarez, Coach
Andrew Amplayo, Coach
Armand Archibek, Coach
**Richard Arizaga, Coach
David Arteaga, Coach
Caleb Avellar, Coach
Jaqueline Avila, Coach
Daniel Ayala, Coach
David Ayala, Coach
Josh Ayala, Coach
Amy Baker, Team Parent
Charlie Baker, Team Parent
Dennis Baker, Board Member
Thomas Baker, Coach
Jose Barrera, Team Parent
James Beebe, Coach
Ivonne Bernal Carbajal, Team Parent
William Bilang, Coach
Ben  Bixby, Coach
Kristina Black, Team Parent
Matt Bocanegra, Coach
**Greg Brandenburg, Coach
Alan Brandenburg, Coach
David Bratty Sr., Coach
Karlton Bridgewaters, Coach
Brittany Brown, Coach
Christopher Brown, Coach
Stephen Brown, Coach
Dana Buchanan, Team Parent
Daniel Buchanan, Coach
Robert Buchanan, Coach
Mike Burdette, Board Member
Mike Burdette, Coach
Kenneth Burmood, Coach
Armando Burrell, Coach
Audrianna Burrell, Coach
Ambar Bustos, Team Parent
Jacob Bustos, Coach
David Butler, Coach
Christian Cabrera, Coach
Nathaniel Cabrera, Coach
Richard Cabrera, Coach
Valerie Cabrera, Coach
Vicente Canales, Coach
Henry Caouette, Coach
Marco Carbajal, Coach
Heather Carreras, Team Parent
Luis Carreras, Coach
Matthew Carrillo, Coach
Israel Carrillo Jr., Coach
Dominique Castillo, Board Member
Mayra Cifuentes, Coach
Sarah Cisneros, Coach
Victor Cisneros, Coach
Brandi Clabough, Team Parent
Joshua Clabough, Coach
Heather Clark, Team Parent
Shaun Clark, Coach
Bradley Coger, Coach
Kristen Coger, Team Parent
Joshua Colantonio, Coach
Mike Cordova, Coach
Vanessa Cordova, Coach
Hector Correa, Coach
Maggie Correa, Team Parent
Victor Correa, Coach
Donovan Costin, Coach
Jordon Costin, Coach
Scott Crafts, Coach
**John Crater, Coach
Theodore Cruz, Coach
Danny Cuthrell, Coach
**Corie Dahlke, Team Parent
**Corie Dahlke, Coach
Jason Dahlke, Coach
Jared Davis, Coach
Steven Davis, Board Member
Kail De Leon, Coach
**Rey Dela Rosa, Coach
Crystal Delao, Team Parent
Stephen Delao, Coach
**Eddie  Delgadillo, Coach
Mike Desantiago, Coach
Jessica Directo, Team Parent
Michael Directo, Coach
**Amber Dominguez, Coach
**Hannah Dominguez, Team Parent
Anthony Dominguez, Coach
Jennifer Dominguez, Team Parent
Lauren Donathan, Team Parent
Travis Donathan, Coach
Coby Dreier, Coach
Travis Dubuque, Coach
Valerie Dubuque, Team Parent
Ken Durant, Coach
Ethan Edwards, Coach
Jason English, Coach
Perry Escamilla, Coach
Ernesto Escobedo, Board Member
Janine Escobedo, Board Member
Antoinette Esquibel, Coach
Ryan Estes, Coach
**Lorraine Falero, Team Parent
**Ricardo Falero, Team Parent
Adam Falero, Coach
David Farmer, Coach
Brooke Finister, Team Parent
Wayne Finney, Coach
Jessica Firmes, Team Parent
Joshua Firmes, Coach
**Carlos Flores, Coach
Kevin Flynn, Coach
Leah Flynn, Team Parent
Amy Frahn, Board Member
Gerald Franchville, Coach
Ken French, Coach
**Bryce Frias, Coach
Mike Galanos, Board Member
jonathan garcia, Coach
Leslie Garibay, Team Parent
Cassie Gehl, Team Parent
Julie Gehl, Team Parent
**Cameron Gillmore, Coach
Lauren Gillmore, Team Parent
Abraham Godinez, Coach
Dustin Golden, Coach
**Raul Gomez, Coach
Jorge Gomez, Coach
**Christina Gonzalez, Team Parent
Brandon Gonzalez, Coach
Christopher Gonzalez, Coach
Danniel Gonzalez, Coach
kimberly gonzalez, Team Parent
Manuel gonzalez, Coach
Brandon Gorbulev, Coach
Richard Green, Coach
Lia Guerrero, Team Parent
**Randy Guzman, Coach
Kyle Hampton, Team Parent
Michael Hanna, Coach
Janessa Hanson, Team Parent
**Stephanie Haro, Team Parent
**Cody Hartsock, Coach
Briana Henry, Team Parent
Christopher Henry, Coach
**Angel Hernandez, Coach
**Cuauhtemoc Hernandez, Coach
Gilberto Hernandez, Coach
Victor Hernandez, Coach
Nicholas Hiatt, Coach
**Daniel Higgs, Coach
Edson Hinojosa, Coach
**Justin Holtquist, Coach
Gregory Horta, Coach
**Sean Howard, Coach
John Hoyt, Coach
Amy Hubbard, Coach
Clark Ilagan, Coach
Edgar Iniguez, Coach
**Ashley Jackson, Team Parent
Quentin Jackson, Coach
Joel Jacobson, Coach
Michael Jaeger, Coach
Rosalia Jaeger, Team Parent
Simon Jaime, Coach
**Kevin Johnson, Coach
**Kevin Johnson, Coach
**Stephanie Johnson, Coach
Flerida Johnson, Team Parent
Sean Johnson, Coach
Karl Johnstone, Coach
Iva Jones Jr, Coach
Randy Kasinger, Coach
Stason Kelley, Coach
Julieann Kelm, Team Parent
Darren King, Board Member
Scott Kruzick, Coach
Charles Lacey, Coach
**Rudy Lacroix, Coach
Cody Lambe, Coach
Jeanette Lambe, Team Parent
Tom Lambe, Coach
Madison Lang, Team Parent
Zachary Lang, Coach
**Manuel Laredo, Coach
Darren Larsen, Coach
lindsey leavitt, Team Parent
Justin Lehr, Coach
Glenis Lizardi, Team Parent
**Michael Llantada, Coach
Kye Logel, Coach
James Long, Coach
Nicole Long, Team Parent
German Loza, Coach
Angel Luna, Coach
Jacob Luna, Coach
Coty Mabry, Coach
William Mack, Coach
Israel Maradiaga, Coach
Javier Marino, Coach
Sean Marshall, Coach
**Greg Martinez, Coach
**Joseph Martinez, Coach
Andrew Martinez, Coach
George Martinez, Board Member
Jennifer Martinez, Coach
Lynda Martinez, Team Parent
Anita Mayes, Coach
Brian McCourt, Coach
Nicole Mcdonald, Team Parent
Nicholas McGowan, Coach
Sarah McGowan, Team Parent
Tamorah Mckee, Coach
Andrew Mclean, Coach
Samantha McSwain, Team Parent
Courtney Medina, Team Parent
Edgar Medina, Coach
Mark Medina, Coach
**Jorge Mejia, Coach
Marisol Mena, Team Parent
David Mendoza, Coach
Griffen Merrill, Coach
Chris Miller, Coach
Lori Moat, Team Parent
guadalupe molina, Coach
Hector Molina, Coach
Oscar Molina, Coach
Scott Molnar, Coach
Sabrina Montes, Team Parent
Mike Montoya, Coach
Greg Moon, Coach
Adrianna Morales, Team Parent
Marissa Morales, Coach
Monica Moran, Team Parent
Karla Moreno, Team Parent
Shanon Moulton, Coach
Nicholas Mushinski, Coach
Darcey Nothdurft, Team Parent
Brandy Nugent, Team Parent
Mike Null, Board Member
Genevieve O Connell, Coach
Pete Olvera, Coach
Oscar Ortez, Coach
Priscilla Pacheco, Coach
Rigo Padilla, Coach
Victor Padilla, Coach
Ramon Padilla Munguia, Coach
Salvador Pantoja, Coach
Latoya Parra, Team Parent
Jonathan Pasquale, Coach
Enedino Patino, Coach
Stevan Pazarin, Coach
Alan Peck, Coach
Jenna Peck, Team Parent
**Dustin Pecoraro, Coach
Dustin Pecoraro, Coach
**Melissa Perez, Team Parent
John Perez, Coach
**Jonathan Perrin, Coach
Joshua Phillips, Board Member
Megan Phillips, Team Parent
Miguel Pinon, Coach
**Josh Pond, Coach
**Jeremy Powers, Coach
Erika Provence, Board Member
**Fatima Quezada, Team Parent
Trevor Quick, Board Member
Vanessa Rackley, Coach
Cory Reim, Coach
Jorge Renteria, Coach
Luz Renteria, Team Parent
**Daniel Reyes, Coach
**Joe Reyes, Coach
Julius Reyes, Coach
Chris Richardson, Coach
Robert Richardson, Board Member
Edward Rios, Coach
Daniel rivera, Coach
Veronica Rivera, Board Member
Cristina Rivero, Team Parent
Chris Robinson, Coach
Julia Robinson, Team Parent
Scott Robinson, Coach
Shawna Robinson, Team Parent
Christopher Robledo, Coach
**Juan Rocha, Coach
Megan Roderick, Team Parent
**Ronald Rodriguez, Coach
Alex Rodriguez, Coach
Augustin Rodriguez, Coach
Benjamin Rodriguez, Coach
Louis Rodriguez, Coach
Melissa Rodriguez, Team Parent
Steven Rogers, Coach
Daniel Romero, Coach
Andrew Rondon, Coach
**Jason Roney, Coach
Robert Rubalcava, Coach
**Kristian Rudd, Coach
**Ed Salazar, Coach
**Silvestre Salgado Diaz, Coach
Jorge Sanchez, Coach
James Sanders, Coach
Jerimese Sanders, Board Member
Richard Sandoval, Coach
Gabriel Santillan, Coach
Paul Schiller, Coach
Kevin Scott, Coach
Adam Sebastian, Coach
Rebecca Sebastian, Team Parent
Melissa Sentak, Team Parent
Danny Serrano, Coach
Amanda Shepherd, Team Parent
Kyle Shepherd, Coach
Brittany Sibbers, Coach
Christopher Sibbers, Coach
**Thomas Sinclair, Coach
**Chad Sohl, Coach
**Toetu Solaita, Coach
Eddie Solares, Coach
Steven Steiner, Coach
Candace Stone, Team Parent
Robert Swanstrom, Coach
Chris Tate, Coach
Summer Tate, Coach
**Mike Taylor, Coach
Jessica Taylor, Team Parent
Kevin Thompson, Coach
Charles Thurston, Coach
Miranda Thurston, Team Parent
Codie Tolle, Team Parent
Cody Tolle, Coach
Kyle Tolle, Coach
Dotty Torres, Coach
Luis Torres, Coach
Steven Tovar, Board Member
Steven Tovar, Coach
Ryan Trevett, Coach
Miranda Trigueros- Thurston, Team Parent
Stephanie Truex, Coach
Jesus Valenzuela, Coach
Gabriela Valeo, Coach
Yvonne Vanderwoude, Board Member
**Matt Vasquez, Coach
Adrian Vazquez, Team Parent
Bryant Verceles, Coach
Beto Vergara, Coach
Matt Vieira, Coach
Jason Vonmoos II, Coach
Brandi Waite, Coach
Stephanie Waite, Team Parent
Mathew Ward, Coach
Michael Webster-Leyva, Coach
Ryan West, Coach
Michael Williams, Coach
Maren Woiemberghe, Team Parent
Travis Woiemberghe, Coach
Marquis Worley, Coach
Jonathan Ybarra, Coach
Antonio Zacarias, Coach
Christopher Zapata, Coach
Frank Zimmer, Coach

(** volunteer added after printing so will be written in)

CHAMPIONS will be notified elsewhere. Contact manager or team parent with questions.  Manager or team parent, contact Champions Director with questions.


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