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Menifee Pony Baseball

Registration Details & Instructions

1.  View division registration fees and More Info HERE
2.  View Boundaries requirements HERE UPDATE: As of 2015 Spring season, there are no more boundaries in Pony Baseball.
3.  Click on the "Register" link on the top right corner of this website to create your user account.  If you already have an account, just log in.  

Once your account is created and you're logged in you use the "add participant" link to add your kids.  Once their info is complete you will see what programs they are eligible to join.  Click the division and follow the instructions to sign them up.  Note: early-registration discount (-$10) will apply on check-out if registering by the early-registration deadline, late-registration fee (+$20) will apply on check-out if registering on or after late-registration deadline.  SIBLING DISCOUNT (it applies, it's $10 per child after the first) will apply on check-out.   
Most of the information will only need to be added once.  For future seasons you will just need to log in and you will see what divisions your kids are eligible at that time.  

5. NOTE: Proof of age (birth certificate) is required for all participants before they can assess or be placed on a team. Once given, proof of age won't be required for future seasons since it will already be on file.  A copy of a birth certificate will not be kept by the league, it will just need to be shown.  

Fall Registration INCLUDES:
 - Shirt & Hat 
 - End-of-season awards

Spring Registration INCLUDES:
 - Baseball Uniform: includes MLB replica hat, shirt, socks and belt (except in Shetland & Filly, where pants don't require belts)
 - Free Picture Package
 - Free All-Day Carnival Wrist-Band at Closing Day Ceremonies
 - End-of-season awards

More benefits of playing Menifee Pony:

 - Umpired games by Age 7/8
 - Machine-PItch by Age 5
 - Kid-Pitch & Base-Stealing by Age 7
 - Pickoffs & Leading-Off by Age 9
 - Complete MLB Rules by Age 11
 - High School Level Baseball by Age 13
 - Competitive Middle-School baseball league (fall-season only)
 - Free Player and Coach Clinics (weather permitting) 

(FREE) Player Clinic: TBA
Mandatory Player Assessments: January (TBA) 
Opening Day:  TBA
Closing Day: TBA

Middle School Tryouts: TBA
Mandatory Player Assessments: TBA
Opening Day: N/A
Closing Day: TBA

If you are having trouble please post a question on our facebook page or send an email to [email protected]