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First off, we want to apologize for not making some statement (sooner about the 2022 All-Stars.  This is by far the earliest we've ever formed our teams and we are still figuring out some of the details of that along the way.  This is also the first year we've formed our teams differently from each other.  We did this because the circumstances of the teams varies by quite a bit.  Some teams are actually still undertermined, as they are in an ongoing tryout process.  

Second, we want to congratulate all of our All-Stars, and also thank all of those who came out and gave it a good shot.  We were very impressed with our players this season.  We think that and the new process will create more competitive teams.  

And now we come to the teams...

SHETLAND-6U Machine-Pitch
Joshua Phillips
Matthew Arteaga
Liam Flynn
Beau Gerber
Grant Horta
Rowan Moon
Jordan Phillips
Darren Thonpson
Benjamin Velasco
Gregory Watson
Easton Boucher
Jordan Tillmon
Maverick Doty

PINTO-7U Machine-Pitch
Darren King
Jackson Breckenridge
Luis Carreras
Logan Sandoval
Adrian Martinez
Timmy Bixby
Greyson Nicewarner
Jackson King
Jaicob Lopez
Tobias Nickerson
robert bridgewaters
makhi evans
Rooney Merrill
Jayden Steward

PINTO-8U Kid-Pitch
Stephen Delao
Liam Rios
Mason Rodriguez
Jayce Saucedo
Tanner Gonzalez
Dominic Iribe
Joshua Waite
Mason Dubuque
Troy Moreno
Liam Nord
Ethan Frias
Lucas DeLao
Anthony Farmer
Daniel Rivera

Manager TOVAR
Jakob Brosterhous
Grady Daniell
Evan Sandoval
Dominick Tovar
Isaiah Landa
Ryan Tschann
Levi Jacobson
Damian Cabada
Easton Mack
Nicholas Santillan
Noah Davis
Jaycob Salazar

John Narhuminti
Jaxson Ellis
Justin Bell
Samaj Daniel
Brayton Narhuminti
Brady Murray
Brixton Bennett
Matthew Gonzales
Daniel Ramos
Cash Ribiero
Shawn Mohr
Nolan Howell
Ryker Johns

Mike Null
Axxel Anguiano
Ayden Bustos
Nolan Copeland
Clayton Davis
Noah Flores
Wyatt Kasper
Evan Kutzen
Aarón Lopez
Austin Norton
Jacob Null
Eli Riggs
Jacob Shone
Andrew Wietecha

Dario Rodriguez
Preston Nicewarmer
Anthony Maldonado
Austin Oltjenbruns
Kollin Hanna
Leonardo Garcia
Nicholas Sandoval
Ryder Cirivello
Ethan Crawford
Jacob Rodriguez
Knox Morris
Brayden Mazza
Mathias Galanos

Chris Pike
Tyler McClaren
Alejandro Lopez
Colton Pike
Seth Precie
Braedyn Jacobs
Jeremy Harper
Jonathan Lang
Devin Watson
Logan Ledesma
Micah Barajas
Ez Gomez
Jacob Luttrell

Mike Burdette
Alexander Rodriguez
Lucas Saenz
Wyatt Bose
Julian Rios
Christian Stephens
Andrew Castro
Noah Ayala
Justin Vasquez
Jordan Vasquez
Matthew Crawford
Landin Astleford
Christian Burdette
Travis Reinhold
Preston Degenarro