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Recommended Practice Times:
 Filly -
One 1-hour practice per week (or two before Opening Day)
 Shetland -
Two practices of 1:15-1:30 (max) per week
 Pinto -
Two 1:30 practices per week 
 Mustang -
Two 1:30-1:45 practices per week
 Bronco -
Two 1:45-2-hour practices per week
 Pony -
Two 2-hour practices per week

Game Changer Team Manager - A free score keeping app that MPB requires it's managers to use for their games.  

Dugout Captain - A website full of practice drills and skills and plans.  Free registration and access!  

Coaching Baseball 101 - A summary of the basics, from practice to game. Great entry-level info, even good refresher info for returning coaches. 

The First Practice - Short article with basic suggestions to get that first practice of the season going.  Great ideas for new coaches, might give returning coaches an idea or two to consider as well.  Don't underestimate those first impressions!

Shetland Objectives & Drills - A list of goals for our Shetland players to reach before going on to the Pinto division.  Our coaches should work towards teaching the Shetland players these skills, though not every player will reach every goal.  

General Tips:
 -Practice frequency and duration aren't as important as getting the most of the time everyone is putting in.
 -Begin Filly practices with some fun running drills. This gets some of that excess energy out of them and they listen a bit better. 
 -Recruit coaching help from parents to split up practices and pre-game warmups into stations.  
 -Repetition is most useful, but try to implement creativity and fun sometimes to mix things up for the kids.
 -During games, avoid over-coaching, keep instruction minimal.  Save it for practice. 
 -Win or lose, avoid negativity after games.  Point out areas to improve, but always end on a good note. 
 -Rotate your players!  Teaching a kid nothing but how to play first-base doesn't help him/her much, and doesn't give others opportunity either.  

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